The firm

The firm was founded in 1973 by Joaquin Parareda, in charge of the Labor Law and Social Security Department, and José Felip in charge of the Traffic Law Department.

Over the years and at present, the firm keeps providing advisory services to important national, international, public, private and associate companies of various industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, hostelry, private security, agricultural holdings, insurance companies, local corporations and accident mutual insurance companies; assisting also workers, pensioners and working communities.

Our activity embraces counselling, consulting and support to companies and employees, and their representation against official organizations such as the National Social Security Treasury Office, the Labor Inspectorate, the Wage Guarantee Fund or the Department of Labor. Furthermore, we provide legal defense of all labor and constitutional rights, individual and collective, in front of extra-judicial organizations, Courts and Tribunals in all instances.

We maintain active and strong collaborations with other legal firms, dedicated to the same or different disciplines, agencies, consulting firms, professors and teachers of different universities, labor associations, and straightforward relations with Public Administrations, unions and Employers’ Federation, always ensuring strict compliance with deontological and ethical standards.

Nowadays the firm is composed of three lawyers with extensive experience and continuous training in Labor Law and Social Security. They are Joaquín Parareda, Laura González and Anna Trillas, supported by a technical and administrative team.

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